Mint Essential Oil

Aos Product Pvt Ltd is world’s renowned producer and exporter of mint oil. Mint oil and its constituents and derivatives are used in food, pharmaceutical and perfumery and flavouring industry. Its main constituent, menthol, is used in the manufacture of lozenges, toothpastes, pain balms, cold balms, Pudin Hara, etc. The basic raw material for mint oil is leaves of a plant Mentha arvensis. Mentha is widely cultivated in India and its leaves are used in making a sauces/chatni in most households.

Mint oil is obtained by steam distillation of Mentha arvensis leaves. The oil is used for treating certain stomach disorders like indigestion, gas problem, acidity, etc. It is the main ingredient of ayurvedic medicines like Daburs ‘Pudin Hara’.

The oil is a natural source of menthol, which is the main ingredient of cough drops and ointments like Vicks Vaporub, etc. Mint oil and menthol are also used in certain sugar candies like ‘Polo’, the mint with a hole.

In India mint oil is widely used in the extraction of menthol crystals by slow cooling through refrigeration, crystallization, centrifugation and drying. Menthol crystallization, domestic industry in pharmaceuticals as well as flavourings and also exported. Menthol is one of the most actively traded commodities in the chemical market in India.

Discription :-

  • SYNONYMS: Mentha Piperita, Mint oil, Mentha Arvensis.
  • BOTANICAL NAME: Mentha arvensis
  • PART USED: Leaves
  • COLOR: Colorless pale yellow to greenish yellow
  • VISCOSITY: Watery in viscosity
  • PERFUMERY NOTE: Characteristic odor
  • SHELF LIFE: Two years
  • DENSITY: 0.888-0.910
  • REFRACTIVE DENSITY: 1.456-1.470
  • OPTICAL ROTATION: -16° to -34°
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The Magic of Aos Product Menthol and Mint Oils
The popularity of Aos Product Menthol and mint oils is remarkable. It adds a tang the freshness to all it touches. Mint is in great demand for flavouring confectioner, chewing gum, cigarettes and toothpastes. It's also used in shaving gels, shampoos and a wide range of cosmetics. Menthol is also used as an important intermediate in the production of Anti-aid bulk drugs & its usages is increasing. In India there is big usage in pan masala, gutka, zarda (Chewing tobacco), scented betelnut.

In addition to their much loved cooling effect peppermint is also used for its therapeutic qualities in pharmaceutical products like medicated strips, pain balms and cough syrups.

Catering to a wide range of menthol and mint oil requirements, we assure our customers a regular supply and consistent quality. For at Aos Product customer satisfaction forms the key note of all our operations. As it will continue to do so in the next millennium.

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